Item Spawning from client

Hi guys

Looked everywhere to try to fix this but just can not figure this out:

the object that i want to spawn works fine on the server but if i drop an item from the client it just wont tell the server to spawn the item

the test item node will not fire to tell the server to spawn the item and i have not idea why?

any help would be really helpful as this is something that has been holding me back for days now

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Could this be related to replication.
As standard if I remember correctly, in a client server environment, the client is not allowed to spawn or create objects, unless specificly perimted to do so.
If this was not the case, a malicious user aka “The H@xx0r” could modify a client and send messages to spawn 10 rockets instead of one in a fps.

Isn’t it most common that a player informs the server, hey I want to spawn X, and the server can validate it, create the item and set the player as the owner?

yeah this is what im trying to do but the client for some reason can not tell the server to spawn the item the test item node just wont fire to tell the server to spawn the item

You have to make a replicated event, call it to spawn, but first use the node “switch has authority”, then if true spawn the object

Moreover, I think that you should set in the object properties (BP) that is replicated (Its a checkbox)

I would need to take some detailed look but thats the usual workflow, if I forgot somethink please, someone tell it here

Hey Thanks for the reply I have redone the set up but still no luck

this works perfectly on the server and the Client can see item that the server drops, but as soon as a client drops an item the event server spawn item is not will not call the server to spawn the item is this something to do with the client not owning as it says on the node but I don’t under stand why its not the owning?

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thanks really suck on this :confused:

This is how I made it on one of my firsts projects, hope it helps

Hey thanks mate I finally got it working not really sure what the problem was but after allot of playing around I got it working

Here is my final set up:

hope it can help anyone with the same problem
any more info on my system just as here or message me

and thanks Nesjett for all the help :slight_smile: