Item respawn refeencing problem!

Hi together, i try to reference my item actor to respawn but nothing works. i had also try different way’s with validations but get always the same errors don’t no what im doing wrong.
Settings and editable expose on spawn also the same results.The item spawns correctly but the errors say, does not exist. Here, you can see on the pictures with the errors:

Hi Fernandez, first thank you for your reply, and of course i give can you better pictures hope the view is good enough.
Thats the problem, i don’t know where i can save the items, but in last days, i would try with datatable, i am workin on it.
Hope its works too.And here the pictures again:

Hi. You need to drag from the output of your Spawn Actor and set a variable (Context sensitive ticked, promote to variable). Use that variable for reference.