Item-dependent animations


I’m making a system where the character switches animations depending on the item is currently holding. My initial solution was to join the different sub-state machines into a blend pose my enum node (below is an image of this setup). The problem is that I’m planning to add a lot of different items and this current solution does not look pretty scalable. The ideal solution, perhaps, could be one where I could load some kind of subgraph from a variable of each item. Any clue about how I could achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Montages listed within the weapon would probably be a good way to go about it.
since that way it would truly be individualized depending on the weapon you hold.

Forget graphs if you want it to be controlled externally and scalable.

The theory is simple. The buttons always play the same function. The montage to play is chosen from the weapon object you are holding.
you have to standardize a class and instantiate Children with diversified properties / follow best OOP rules so that anything can be grabbed and used.

This means you probably need a general action from aming (bows and throwables) and a general action for swinging.

Each action plays the montage of choice.
Throwing is 3 parts, aim, loop at aim (maybe add sway), and throw.
swinging is probably just a straight shot montage.

Chain attacks could also be created this way, but you should probably look into an input buffer and the proper way to set up combo systems before you alter it to use a variable montage.

Awesome! Thanks a lot for this really nice answer, it’s exactly what I needed!
Have a wonderful day!