Item bound to socket wont rotate correct with skeletal mesh

I got an issue where an item bound to a socket wont rotate the same way as the skeleton do. As you can see in the video below the weapon don’t rotate the same way as the arms do.

Video of the issue:
What i have done:

Spawn the item in the world.

Using the function “Attach To” to attach it to the skeletal mesh using “Snap To Target”.

I load the correct offset and i set the correct location of the item with “Set Relative Transform/Rotation”.

In the animation blueprint i use “Transform(Modify) Bone” and i select to rotate the whole skeleton by using the spine bone.

What am i missing or doing wrong? It feels like if the whole skeleton is rotating, the weapon should be in the exact same place because its connected to a socket.

Note: I have also tried using aimoffset, the offset with weapon looks fine in blender but same problem as the video shows when used in unreal 4.