IT IS WORK?! - Standalone companion app ONLY for Unreal Engine WITHOUT GAMES (#epic-launcher-sucks)

Epic, you already know it - the launcher is a disaster! And I’m not even talking about the Library. Why do I have to wait for all of this Marketplace crap and Games library chaos to update when I just want to work in the UE???!
Who just thought it would be a good idea to have games and professional projects at one place?!

Epic, for rocking such a powerful software it really is unreal that this little app is such a train wreck!
The asset downloads are slow and buggy - an open project doesn’t get updated with them most of the time - but hey; a new version of Fortnite and more free games! Thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Game library can be hidden on launcher settings for those not interested in games.

I am interested in the games** but not** when I’m about to work on a large project and have to wait for all shenanigans in the background - whatever the launcher has to load at this point. It feels like one huge infrastructure that is not prioritizing tasks accordingly and just gets overwhelmed by all the updates it has to cover.

At this point the only satisfying statement from you would be admittance - after years of bearing this malicious app and catching all the aggressive business behind it - there is nothing else you could do but change it for good! It’s such a big minus for UE, why??!?! Most things your company does is powerful and intelligent - I can’t understand the reasoning behind this?!

Right now I’m closing my project and the launcher for the third time in the hope that I can continue my work soon. It’s exhausting.

To clarify things, I am not Epic Games’ employee.
I’m just a random forum goer.

Just wanted to make sure you are aware that you can hide game library.

Seems like the OP is blaming you Bruno, after all its not like anyone at Epic is around anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, I can’t even login to the f’in Launcher since Nov! Clues: Certificate errors in eventvwr?
So, is this a time / date / region issue or something else entirely. No idea… I give up / surrender! :mad: