IT IS POSSIBLE in UE4? Glasses to see Ghosts (idea from movie)

I’m new in UE4, so I don’t have enough knowledge about scripts/blueprints.

I want to make little game where You walk around the room, and You have “Magic glasses” that when you wear, you’ll be able to see more (other stuuf, meshes, particles, characters etc.)

This idea was in movie “Thirteen ghosts” (0:52)

Similar effect is in game The vanishing of Ethan Carter (made in UE3)

So it is possible to make system in Blueprints, where for example - pressing left mouse button, “our character dressed glasses” and postproces in scene was change, and meshes brings to life, and others animation was turn on.

PS. Sorry for my Engilish

Hi dawidrys26,

This should absolutely be possible. Check into hiding and unhiding objects, which can be done through blueprints. You can also adjust the post process settings by doing so as well.

Also look into custom depth.