IsValid on Child Actors (AKA checking if a child has died)

I’m trying to make a spawning station that, when three turrets have been destroyed, stops spawning units.

I feel like what I’m doing below SHOULD work - I check if all three are valid, if at least one is valid, we spawn, if not, nothing should happen. Yet my spawner will continue spawning long after I have destroyed the turrets and they should no longer be valid.

I know I could get around this by having the turrets cast back to the station and lower an integer, and check if that integer is above one… but I feel like this should work and am wondering if it’s either a bug, or I misunderstand something, or something else.

Alternatively, is there an “event on child death”? I Know there is an “is being destroyed”. I’d rather not put this in the turret and cast back because I don’t always attach these turrets to the station. Not a huge deal I guess…

Thanks for any info :slight_smile: