Issues with Projectile HomingTargetComponent when Simulating Physics on Enemy Blueprint

So I have a player character that has two abilities right now, one is a projectile that can be cast, another an AOE no gravity zone.

In the AOE no grav zone, I set simulate physics to enable, and gravity to 0.

The projectile uses the HomingTargetComponent to track the enemy character.

Everything works fine when I’m casting from begin play. Problems begin to arise after I’ve cast the AOE no gravity zone however. The particles no longer targeted the player, but went past them even after simulation was finished and set to off.

I was able to get around this by having the component input for the HomingTargetComponent set to the enemy BP’s capsule rather than just the BP itself. This solved the issue and I am now able to keep firing the projectiles with accuracy even during simulate physics.

Except this presents another issue. Right now the character just does a karate kid like motion and barely moves laterally or vertically. But if they were to be moved further out the capsule it would no longer be accurate. I plan to have the AOE no gravity zone eventually pull the enemy to the center of it, but because Simulate Physics detaches the mesh from the capsule it then brings back my original problem of it missing when physics is being simulated, and even after it is set to stop.

I hope I explained this as clearly as I can, please let me know if further clarification is needed. Essentially I’m trying to find a way to keep HomingTargetComponent accurate while simulating physics, so I can have my projectiles find and hit the enemy while they’re floating around.

Thanks in advance! =)