Issues with painting layers

Hey guys,
I just recently purchased Unreal Engine 4, followed a few guides and have hit a bit of a road block. The issue is when I paint layers onto my terrain, it will paint the entire grid and not just the area that I have selected with my brush. I have followed the tutorial exactly and can’t seem to find where I messed up. Is anyone familiar with this issue and know how to resolve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wasn’t able to upload the photos through the site, so here are some links.

Photo of the issue:

Photos of my settings:

Hopefully this works, thank you very much to anyone who helps :slight_smile:

Now that those grid sections are stone, what happens when you start painting with the grass material? Does the whole section change or does it work? I’ve had this happen to me before and what was happening was that any new material not previously painted on the surface will fill the whole grid section as if it was loading it in.

It seems that when I try to paint another layer, it paints it on top but still takes up a grids size. It looks like the first picture but with dirt instead of stone

Small update. when I attempt to change the settings under the second tab (the paintbrush icon), it still does not change anything. Are there settings outside of this area that would affect the way the color is applied?

Take a look at this thread:Why is the Landscape Paint Tool painting entire squares and not just in the brush? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums + have you already tried to use landscape layer weight nodes: Landscape Material Layer Blending in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation :slight_smile: