Issues with Orthophoto world files (TFW)


I’m experiencing issues with a project in WGS84 (EPSG:4326) The world file created is in image coordinates, not WGS84.

I’ve checked:

I’m on I’ve tried global (makes sense), projected (thought I’d try it, but WGS84 is geographic, not projected). I’ve re-run the model to make sure I set WGS84 from the outset.

RC shows the correct coordinates, it is just the export and the world file that are incorrect.

The above threads didn’t help, please help me fix it.



Hi Martin,

did you check out this one:

Seems very related to your problem. There is a step by step solution.

I tried to encourage the TO to file a bug report - maybe you can do that now?  :slight_smile:

Hi Götz,

 I did check that one out. I’ve taken your advice and filed a bug report, see what happens.