Issues with new 4.1 Update

Hey guys,

I just updated to 4.1 and am starting to check out all the new stuff and so far it looks really awesome! :slight_smile:

However, I encountered 2 things that I would like to share and ask whats going on^^

The first one is rather…unimportant one could say, but I am just wondering. The second one really annoyes me I have to admit :smiley:

So first of all, after updating, it asked me if I would like to reconnect the projects that I have already downloaded. I said yes, but after it was finished I only had the FX Cave in the launcher. All the other projects are missing (however, I can still access them later, so its not that important. I was just wondering if its supposed to be like that^^)

The second issue really bugs me because its not really an improvement…its definitely a step back (or I totally did not see something :D)

In the release notes under rendering it says: “Improved glossy screen space reflections to reduce noise”

The thing is, they are a) still noisy, but even worse b) before the update it was possible to type “r.ssrquality 3” into the console command line which made them perfectly smooth. That does not work anymore and quality 4 doesnt do anything (so I guess you removed the higher quality).

Thats really a step back if you are (like me) working on a high end visualization. Even if you dont do that, quality 3 was looking sooo good that I always had it active for all the stuff I built.

Can you reproduce this and was the higher quality removed on purpose? Would really like to know that (and even get it fixed :D)

One last thing that might sound super stupid, but is glossy screen space reflection really the right terminology? :smiley: I mean they were glossy (mirror like) until you added roughness support for them with the march QA. So shouldnt they actually be called rough screen space reflections?^^ (sorry, this is just me having a knot in my brain about this :D)

Anyway…still great update! Thanks guys!


Hi Daedalus51,

Thank you for letting us know! If you could, would you mind post these two as separate answerhub posts so we can address each concern individually? You can post them here. Thank you!