Issues with include in .cpp Private/Public

Hi all!

I’m trying to resolve an issue that I’m not able to fix, probably very easy.

I have created a “Tank” .h and .cpp from the engine and choose pubblic as option .
I ended up with Intellisense not working, and without any suggestion while writing. Also is not able to see anything and is all marked as error.

As you can see from the screen this is the class created from the Engine
#include “Tank.h”

The “solution” I found is to change in this way as you can see in the solved screen:
#include “…/Public/Tank.h”

but why this? Looks like is able to build and run, but intellisense is not working at all so is near impossible to work. Is also pretty noisy that I need to change every include.

Any suggestion on how properly fix it?
Thanks a lot