Issues with editor - exiting editor and loading back in all objects gone

Hi there, I’m having a little issue.

I’m quite new so bear with me, I created a few assets and what now and I’ve decided to place them in a blank level template to check them out, I’ve placed them made a few modifications to lighting & such,
saved everything and when I come back to import other objects all my work that I have placed in the world has disappeared.

This happens every time when I exit the editor and go back into it, all work is gone except for folders and my objects I have imported. Here’s a few screenshots.

Placing my objects and modifying the lighting a bit:

After reloading the Editor:

This is quite frustrating, thanks for taking the time to check my post out. :slight_smile:

This issue has been solved thanks darthviper107! cheers.

It’s loading the default map, you just have to re-open your map file, you can change which map is the default loaded in the project settings

Thanks so much, all good now! Cheers.