Issues with creating a simple blueprint

I’ll try to keep this as concise as possible. I have attached some screenshots to help clarify.

I am just trying to toggle the visibility of a simple point light when my player steps into the trigger box object.

I went to this link,, and started following along with the 1st video. I think the guy is using an older version of UE than me, I’m using 4.7.5.

In screenshot 1 you can see my trigger box and point light. I do not have the tabs the guy from the video is using, as seen in screenshot 2.

I assume when the guy adds a level event to the trigger box via it’s Blueprint tab (again, which I do NOT have), that it is the same as me clicking the blue button that says Create Blueprint and adding the OnActorBeginOverlap event myself?

I selected the point light object from my scene and went into the blueprint editor for my trigger box to right click > Call Function on PointLight > ToggleVisibility (as you see the guy doing in screenshot 3). In my editor I never get the option to call a function on the point light (even though I have it selected). Why can’t I see the point light object when I right click in the trigger box’s blueprint editor?

I had to do way too much work to get a reference to the point light object and decided I should seek help. I cannot imagine Epic Games would make the newer versions of UE MORE difficult to use than previous versions, so I must have messed up somewhere.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

Answering this using 4.7.5 – Process is still basically the same but I wouldn’t rely on using buttons on the bottoms of paneling to get blueprints to always work. Stick with the blueprint panel itself – it’ll save you time in the end.

Since you’ve already established the "OnActorBgeinOverlap (TriggerBox), you need to switch over to the point light. Highlight the point light in the map, return to the blueprint > right click and choose ‘Create a Reference to Point Light’. Keep the item you are working with highlighted in the level (aka in context). Still in the blueprint right click anywhere on the screen and type in ‘Toggle Visibility’. (if something isn’t coming up for you on the menu, take the ‘Context Sensitive’ checkbox off and it’ll run like a full menu. Drag off the target input back to your point light, and connect the overlap node to the trigger and you’re done.point5.png221b3af7b3f16c6a1fc9319cb4a7b9f2ac6003e6.png

Thanks! That worked awesomely :slight_smile: