Issues when retargeting animations

Hi all,

I’m working on retargeting some animations but i seem to be running into the same issue over and over.

I’m copying the animations from quadropedal character to another but the back legs seem to have some flipping action…

I know its not the joint orientation as I tried exporting the original sheep and then reimporting it and retaget the anims back onto it with no changes to the skeleton and it has the exact same issue.
I’ve tried tinkering with the retargeting options to no avail.

my main thought that might not be working is that during retargeting I’m using the human ik rig as my “Rig” and that it might be screwing something up but i can’t seem to find documentation on how to set one up for a different character to a humanoid…

I’ve linked a video to this post in the hope that you might have some suggestions here…


Hi, you can create a custom rig -> right click on the skeleton -> Create -> Create Rig. Else make sure your source to target bones are setup correct and that the bones in the source and target skeleton are rotated the same.

Definitely create a custom rig first.
the second very important thing is the starting pose - The rotations should match as much as possible for retargeting to work perfectly.

as far as what MAY be going on, I think your hind legs have 1 too many bones in the chain to match the human rig default setup.

Ball, foot, shin, thigh.

On the sheep I see more then that (which is only normal since they have at least 1 extra bone in the chain?).

The reason the front legs work is that you have

Hand, forearm, upper arm, shoulder, and clavicle - then spine 03 I believe.
Whereas the thigh connects directly to pelvis, which is like the spine…