Issues retargeting IK from Character Creator

I’m having an issue when retargeting a UE4 mannequin animation to a CC3+ character. Everything retargets will except for the hand IKs.

In the example below you can see that while the IK is technically working, the hands are in the wrong place. I already tried adjusting the spear to be in the correct spot, but then it is out of place in every other animation I retarget.

Is there a solution to this? Any help would be appreciated.

Try this…
No retargeting required with cc3 characters…

Thanks for the link. I tried importing with the default mannequin skeleton per the video and it results in the same issue.

In both cases the hands do follow the IK, they’re just not positioned on the spear.

I now think it has something to do with the scale of the CC3 mesh. It seems to be about 9/10 the scale of the UE4 mannequin, resulting in the disconnect between the wrist bone and IK bone (See attached images).

Is there a way to set the scale of the mesh in CC3 or UE4 that won’t also scale the IK bones?

What I had to do since all characters are not same scale (shorter/taller) is use the “FABRIK” node in anim BP and make a variable for hand offset when a certain weapon is selected and apply that to your animation output to align weapons. do a search for FABRIK and check out some vids, If you have problems use this post and I will try to help!!

Edit:Week 2: UE4.9 Better solution to keeping left hand on rifle using FABRIK - YouTube this vid, you will have to make new socket to attach staff in right hand then use FABRIK…

Thanks for the info. FABRIK seems like a great tool that I’ll use in the future, but either I’m using it wrong or it can’t account for the amount I’m correcting.

Here was my process:
Export CC3+ default project with a +10% global scale adjustment to get closer to mannequin scale > Import to UE4 using mannequin skeleton > open mesh and apply preview animation (scaling helped but still off) > adjust hand bone using FABRIK in bone space.

Close up of the hand in place was my result after FABRIK adjustment. Looks decent but has a slight lapse compared to spear movement.

The real issue shows up when I switch to a very different animation from the same pack. The spear held up is with the same FABRIK adjustment.

So basically across the board when I make an adjustment for one animation (FABRIK or socket transform) it’s out of place for every other.

Add a variable to the alpha of the FABRIK node, When your only using the right hand to throw or don’t need the node set that to zero and one when you need it !!! Also try Effector transform = bone space, Effector rotation Maintain local Rotation to parent… you may have to play with these to line things up. You shouldn’t
have to rescale, unless you want all your characters the same size… The Effector transform node can be set for different weapons too.

Hello did you ever find a solution to the problem? I’m having the same problem and can’t figure it out.

I realized when I played the animations and previewed it on the mannequin skeleton.

When I play it on my CC3 character the sword/socket moves or floats in and out of his hand.

Don’t have the problem with the mannequin.

Hoping you see my response and have a solution.