Issues implimenting ragdoll

As part of a senior seminar I am trying to implement ragdoll to my 3rd person character. But since my project is made from following multiple tutorials I have made multiple physics assests for multiple skeletal meshes.
So initially my project was using the default physics asset that acts like a jellyfish (because there is no real work done on it). So in response I chose the “delete and replace option” This caused me to have the proper physics asset. but now my camera (and the capsule) dont follow the character, who automatically ragdolls. At least, until I hit my “ragdoll button” (in this case R), then the camera follows.

So long story short I want my character to behave as normal (Mr.punching man from te 3rd person tutorials), until I hit the R key.
Here are the tutorials I have been following:
How To Make An Active Ragdoll / Unreal Engine 4 / GTA V Ragdoll - YouTube

PhAT: Overview | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Would anyone be willing to have alook at my code?