Issues getting the editor to recognize my code changes

I notice that often times I have to quit/restart the editor a few times before any changes I made in Visual Studio seem to be recognized in the editor. For example, I previously and erroneously had defined a blueprint callable UFUNCTION in my class header under “private”. So of course, the editor complained when I tried to call it on the event graph. No problem I thought. I shut the editor down, moved my declaration up to “public”, compiled (as DebugGame Editor), relaunched the editor, hit compile in there too. But when I looked back at the event graph, it still gave me the warning that the method was private. Quit/restarted/recompiled and same issue. Did it again, same. Did it again, and now it magically works. I’m using 4.2.1. This is a rather tedious workflow and it’s hard to know if I did something that really did take effect, hasn’t taken effect yet, or was just an error on my part. Is this a known issue? Is there a way around it? Or am I perhaps just not doing things properly? I’m rather new so it’s possible. Thanks for the help!

I’ve noticed that once making changes in code to an asset/blueprinted actor I sometimes need to hit the ‘compile’ button of the blueprint in the editor for it to take effect. This may be the same case for you.

Ya I do that each time, not sure what the deal is.