Issues finalizing a game

Hey all,

I have been working on a small mobile game using UE4 for most of this year.

So far the engine has been pretty cool, lots of great and powerful features, however I have run into a few problems which I have not been able to get passed just yet. I think with a little work engine side, these issues would be solved and make building games a little easier for everyone.

The main issue I face is not being able to compile code for IOS. Xcode would simply crash anytime i tried to compile, which has forced me to use nothing but blueprints for my current project.

I have been able to get by and build a functional game, but its missing Ad support and Analytics, neither of which i have been able to get working with blueprints alone.

If there was a bit more work put into getting Ads (Admob) and Analytics (Google Analytics) to work in blueprint, that would allow people without access to mac hardware to compile apps for IOS.

If there is a tutorial showing how to get Admob and/or Google analytics running in BP only, I have not been able to find it myself and would love to see it.

Any other tips or help would be great aswell, thanks.