Issues Aligning Meshes

Hi Everyone

I am having an issue which is driving me nuts. I’m trying to build a house out of modular pieces. I have set the grid etc to what is recommended for the pieces. I am also using HISMs.

The problem I am having is with rotating some meshes. Instead of getting an exact value such as 90 degrees or -90 etc, it is sometimes defaulting to 90.0000008 which is causing seams and i don’t know how to get around this.

I have included a screenshot below of what I mean. Does anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this?


What happens when you type 90 in there? I think you still have seams, right?

Looks like a floating point precision error. Doubt that .000008 degrees will cause any issues beyond being an OCD trigger.

Thanks for the responses guys. Even if i type -90 in or 270 it does the same thing. However, what I tried was instead of using HISMs, i just used regular static meshes and everything aligned properly. I got no seams. So I don’t know if this is the actual cause, or if it’s some other weird thing when using HISMs that’s causing it.

I can’t explain it, and at this point after all the frustration, i’m gonna let it slide and just do it with regular static meshes.

I also tested both in a level and the draw count was the same anyway (guessing it’s unreals auto instancing thing), so in the end, all is well.

As you can see from my rambling above, this one drove me a little nuts. :slight_smile: