Issue working with landscapes

I don’t understand how LOD works for landscape
I followed this doc to create a foliage landscape but LOD isn’t pretty.

I try to change some settings without results
Any idea ?


You can try set the max lod to 0 ( detail - LOD )

tried but without result. there are the setting :


I fail to see how the screenshots you shared are related to LODs.
Click on the “Lit” button atop the editor, click and select Mesh LODS under Level Of Detail in the drop downs.
The coloration should help you understand what you are looking at LOD wise.

Maybe he mean the texture tilling or vegetation clip distance

I used foliage tool on landscape. Effectively it could be the texture base on material used as grass isn’t displayed on the not acceptable sector.
but I don’t know how to fix that.

there is the quickstart used : Grass Quick Start in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

You cant “fix” that, what you can do is match the color of the grass to the texture more accurately, as well as using the perinstancefade node.
Also populate the rest of the scene, add different layers in for rocks etc, and the overall result won’t be so noticable.

Download and examine the Kite demo for how to match colors and how to use the procedural grass. Works much better.