Issue with UI Components Visibility

I’m making a turn based game and am trying to make it so parts of the widget disappear when its the enemy’s turn. I’m just trying to start setting up base mechanics and UI before working and importing assets.

The link below will show what the players image should look like (Top photo) and the enemy Turn (Bottom Photo)

To remove the three buttons from the screen I binded the visibility to a function (Hide Player Button Visibility.) and also created a variable for the visibility. This function is dependent on the a Boolean variable I created (Player Turn). Both shown in the link below. Why is this not working? I use this same function and boolean to properly set when the player can damage the enemy and vice versa and it works fine there, and gives the proper value. When I set the visibility like this all the buttons remain gone no matter who’s turn it is.

Weirdly when I set it up another way (Shown below) where the button visibility is set to collapse when its the players turn (which is backwards) it works for one turn for the player and enemy before staying collapsed even during the players turn??