Issue with swarm agent and coordinator - difference of performance

Hello to everybody,
i’m using unreal studio 4.22 and i noted some strange behaviors regarding the CPU performances using the distributed calculation with 4 pc + 1 coordinator, all under win 7.

my workstation: cpu i7 4930k 32gb ram
swarm coordinator: i7 3770k 16gb
swarm agent2:4770K 32gb
swarm agent3:3770 16gb
swarm agent3:3770 16gb
swarm agent5:3770 16gb

The point is that the 4770K’s act much more faster than my ws with 4930K cpu (that suppose to be much more powerfull), especially the 4930K at the end of the process appear same speed of the 3770 that means very slow. And 2 nodes with the 3770 never did the “processing mapping”.
Basically the calculation it’s almost done entirely from the 4770K
below a screen for explain better.
Anybody has any solutions or suggestions.

today i’ve tried to create the Swarm coordinator in another PC but the result is totally the same.
After that i try to make a test in a standard unreal scene, attached a screenshot.
if somebody face similar issue please give an advise.