Issue with Sphere Reflection Capture not responding RealTime

When I change the Source Cubemap Angle, nothing visually changes. Likewise if I change the Cubemapped image itself (ie - load in a new one), nothing changes, still stays the same and shows the old one…
BUT - then if I close out level and re-open, then it is changed (angle, chosen loaded image). Like it requires shutting down UE4 and re-opening to see the results.
The only thing I can change realtime is Brightness.

A bug?

Reflection Captures are baked, i.e. they don’t change at runtime.

Thank you very much, I see. How do we go about previewing the angle to which the screen capture is to be baked, in other words, is there a way how can you see what you are in fact baking; since there is a numeric integer than can be entered into the angle, do you have to bake each time in order to trial the actual angle?

Appreciate any thoughts from anyone who also renders with reflection spheres!

If you go to build > build reflection captures it should update.

Say, that is nifty! And FAST.:cool:
Thanks for educating me on that!