Issue with Spawning Characters and possessing them

Hey Everyone,

i’ve been working on a Party System and I’m running into a few problems and I was hoping to get this solved.

The First Image uses a variable that ranges for 1 to 8 which spawns characters based on the number (I would have to arrange the characters in the order that the player will meet them… not really an issue for me). The characters spawn at player location with an offset and it adds the player to an array.


The second part I don’t fully understand because I found it on the answers website while trying to debug the nodes I created originally to switch between the characters. The issue is…


When there are multiple characters, only the 2nd character spawned can be possessed and when it does it creates a dupicate. Whenever I press the button it takes 2 presses and then it duplicates the character again (Original Character and the 2nd spawned character). This is not to mention that I can’t seem to make it possess the other characters.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong or what I can do to make this better? I would like to spawn the characters to whatever map so I don’t have to hide the characters on every single level/ map. Thanks so much!