Issue with Skeletal Mesh from Blender

So I bought this 3D model online, rigged it myself and imported it to Unreal. I gotta be honest I’m completely new to everything and I’m super confused with this. I want the gun to be able to be picked up and to have shooting animations but I want it to have physics when dropped but it just falls apart. Maybe it’s something in my code, maybe it’s how I rigged it. Hopefully not the model because I paid $14 for it. Here’s a video of my issue: Introducing BlackOut: VR_Dev_Log_#3 - YouTube

If anyone could help me that would be awesome!

Yes, I see your gun falls apart. It’s quite funny to see. Anyway, if it does that I’m guessing the gun is a skeletal mesh? If so, open up the physics asset for it and delete the bodies for the bits you don’t want to move when the physics simulates.

Oh you just delete the ones you don’t need? Because when I open it there are physics bodies on every part that has a bone. Sweet thank you!

When I got home I deleted the extra physics bodies that I don’t need and it worked beautifully! Thank you so much for the help!