Issue with rotating a scaled texture sample.

Hello guys,

I’m currently building a radial menu and I wanted to play a bit with custom UV scaling and offset. Unfortunately, I’m not getting it right. You can see a visual explanation of what I want to do in the first attachment and my material blueprint in the second attachment. So first I have a picture that is 1000px big (1.) I applied a 6x scaling with TexCoord clamped, not wrapped (2.) So my texture sample is now displayed as big as 166,66px (because of 1000px divided by 6). I offset the texture with a V2 to the top center (3.) What am I trying to do in **(4.) **is what is causing problems.

I wanted to use a custom rotator for rotating the image, what works, but it is taking the center of the texture coord version with 166,66px **(2.) **and is not taking the full size of 1000px. Is there a way to rotate the whole and not only the scaled textured sample part in the texture sample (attachment 2)?

I hope I could explain it well enough. Thanks in advance.