Issue with LineTrace in VR only ??

Hey all, thought I would make a hide & seek game for VR because it’s something I want and I figured it would be relatively straightforward

I have implemented my line trace as follows

This works like a charm when playing with mouse/keyboard, but when I test it in VR, it seems far less reliable. Sometimes it won’t see any actors, sometimes it prints the string of the actor behind the actor I’m looking at.

I tried setting the draw debug type to persistent, and one of the issues seems to be that the LineTrace isn’t completely aligned with the view being shown in the HMD? I was also wondering if it was possible to leave a debug trace of the HMD itself?

I saw that Rashped ( ) was streaming his blueprinting, so I popped in and asked him about my problem. Throwing a conditional in there is all it took to make this far more responsive in VR!

Edit: I’d also like to point out that this guide is outdated and includes unnecessary steps

For whatever reason in VR (and I haven’t tested it in non-VR) trace shots out from the feet of the character (the way you have it set up). Bring up the starting point at ~80 units and it should work reliably. At least I had that issue and that’s how I solved it.

Setting draw debug trace to persistent confirmed that this was not the issue

Rashped’s suggestion fixed the issue, sorry if that wasnt clear :smiley: