Issue with Forum and AnswerHub URL Redirect Overwrites

I always have a lot of tabs open when I am working, both for documentation and solutions. Forum and AnswerHub pages log me in when I re-open my browser, where some of those times it fails and sends me to the error page which states “There was an error contacting the remote service”. If I attempt to load the original URL again, it generally loads up again straight away (so this isn’t a downtime/server concern).
The major issue here is the fact that it changes the URL to “Login - UE4 AnswerHub”, where I can’t hit the back or reload button to find the original URL. When I have hundreds, or even just a few tabs that I have left open to go back to later, this makes it extremely difficult to find the original URLs I had open, especially when I have no idea which tab was for what as they all just state error.

While I’m not a skilled web developer, I have done enough web development to know this is something simple and something that should not have even be implemented this way where it overwrites the original URL on redirection. This has been on-going for the last two years, with different browsers and different computers, where I haven’t spoken up till now as I keep telling myself it is a waste of time to write up a post for something simple that Epic Games should know about and be fixing promptly.

I try bookmarking and using history to track them down but it gets very difficult to do with the hundreds of pages I go through a day, not to mention the impact it has on productivity having to do this.