Issue with Blueprint inputAxis events not firing for default pawn.

Hey all,

As I’m sure you can tell I am new to this and getting stumped. I am just learning C++ and Unreal so bear with me… Help is greatly apreciated.

The Issue:

I cannot get any of my keyboard inputs in my blueprint to do anything when I launch my game. I just have left and right mapped. I’ve been following this tutorial.

Left and right, mapped to “D” and “A”, don’t register. I’ve even tried hooking up “print string” to them to no avail.

What I’ve Tried:

  • Making sure the character is in the World Outliner when the game runs (picture below).
  • Double checking all the settings below
  • No errors.
  • Hooking up “Print String” blocks to any of my events, also does nothing.

I am attaching some images in Google Drive to help with my issue here.…rURMcxmeplUNS8

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Please, share images directly in the post and not as a download file. Use “Upload Attachments” to do it.

I uploaded these. There seems to be a limit or something though. The last one was just showing that my character is in fact in the world Outliner when the game is “played”

You set the Default Pawn Class to FPS_CHARACTER. Is that the c++ character you coded or the BP that you derived from it?

That was it!! I had the parent C++ class of that BP not the actual BP. Many thanks. It seems so obvious.