Issue with alpha channel on splat maps


This is content creation related to my UE4 project

I’m trying to create a UE4 material that has a splat map for use on a landscape.

I can’t get ANY imaging software anywhere to resample my maps to the correct size because they will not preserve the Alpha Channel.

Photoshop and Gimp destroy the Alpha. Nuke is to overkill it destroyed my PC due to its aggressive License software.

Could some please tell me a good Image editor to use that can handle the Alpha Channel ?

I can’t create content for UE4 without it.



Photoshop doesn’t destroy the alpha channel, if it is then you’re doing something wrong. Gimp probably isn’t destroying it either.

The instructions I’m following say not to use Photoshop, because it will not work.
I’m trying to resample it down, Is that not the same as scaling it down ?

There’s nothing I can find in Gimps instructions that say anything about how to downsample ?

I’m trying to get the sizing right because the blending is all wrong.


Photoshop resamples the image when it resizes, and it treats the alpha channel just like any other channel.