Issue with 4.19 Preview4 and VR

Hi all,

I am making some tests with the EU 4.19 Preview 4 version and the new command “vr.PixelDensity”, It work pretty good but I have an issue with the compiled version of my project, the picture is clean on the HMD but I have a weird effect on my PC monitor :

Compiled version :

UE Editor version :

The probleme appear both on HTC VIVE and Lonovo Explorer HMD.

Do you know how to solve this problem?


It is a bug, please report on Epic bug tracker.

Can you give me a link to the Report Bug section.
Thank you!

Yes Zahir, this article is helpful:

and the form is here:

Basically you need to create a simple scene and upload it, also you have to describe steps to reproduce the bug. Then it will create a ticket and post it here so everyone can VOTE to fix it. Also please don’t forget to post ticket-link on the main UE4.19 Preview thread.

Ok thank’s !