Issue when trying to implement video settings (ScalabilityUIPlugin) to UE 4.5

I will write what i did and what result i get:

Download video settings plugin version 4.4.1 from

Create C++ first person project in UE 4.5

Copy plugin folders (config and plugins) to newly created project and delete plugin dll file

Open C++ first person project with plugin folders in it

UE ask if i want rebuild plugin - i click yes

Now i can build my C++ first person project with video settings plugin and it work fine in standalone app

I copy plugin folders (with newly builded dll) from c++ first person project to VR First person template

When i build my VR first person template and try to run getting error:

“Plugin ‘ScalabilityUIPlugin’ failed to load because module ‘ScalabilityUIPlugin’ could not be found”

Please help, i have laptop with 650M video card and DK2 and i want to start make games with UE. Tried all solution for perfomance. This one left. Please :slight_smile:

If anyone will have same problem you need to do this thing:

  • Add the plugin files to my blueprint project
  • Open the project, then added code by going to File>Project>Add code to project
  • Created an empty class, which generated the visual studio project files
  • Build
  • Packaged the project, plugin popped up correctly