Issue on using an animation that has sound notifies in matinee(Legacy) (On Begin Play)


I tested this issue on (PC projects and mobile projects with both mobile HDR on and off) in P4.

when I use an animation which has sound notify on a skeletal mesh inside matinee and play that matinee on begin play of the level and play the game, only a noisy sound like a bee is heard (from the beginning of matinee to the end of it)

even if that animation is played at the end of the matinee I just hear disordered noises from begin play

Hey ,

We have two bugs currently in for notifies when playing a looped animation in Matinee/Sequencer:

  1. UE-31463 - Notifies are retriggered at the loop point of an animation in Matinee/Sequencer
  2. UE-31465 - Adjusting play speed for an animation causes notifies to trigger multiple times (Component for this is Sequencer)

Do you happen to be adjusting the play speed of the animation?



no I do not think that the issue I experienced is related to these two bugs.
in my case all sounds including sounds which are used in matinee and all ambient sounds get totally unclear

I’m not experiencing this at all. Could you send a sample project to me that this is occurring in? This will help me track down the root cause of this faster. You can PM me a download link on the forums.


I tried to reproduce this issue in a simple project but every thing works fine.
I do not know what the problem was at that time I was testing it.

I apologize for wasting your time.

Not a waste of time at all! I found and entered those two bugs I listed while I was investigating this. Always good to find test cases that we may have missed.