Isolated displacement (PLEASE HELP!) (DIAGRAM INCLUDED)

I’m trying to displace only a tiny area of the surface, I assume this is done with a mask of some sort, I have the gerstner calculations, but they cover the entire surface… not a small area.

Here’s what I want…

The beach represents a landscape, the wave represents isolated displacement, likely done inside a mask.
The ocean represents a seperate channel for displacement to occur, I’m assuming I can’t do that unless it operates as its own mesh.


It seems like SUCH a simple thing, but I can’t figure out how to do it for the life of me. Can someone show me a mask setup that works for this situation?


Results, however, there’s multiple waves there, I only want one small wave displaced.

pls help, idk what to do.

You are really not explaining yourself very well.

Like this one: ?

If this is a gerstner wave then all of the solution is in the math of the wave.

gerstner wave should have a period of 0-2pi IIRC. Double check that is the case, and then clamp your value going into the sine to be 0-2pi and you will have isolate a single wave. Of course then the problem becomes that your single wave could be virutally anywhere based on how much time has passed in the Time variable. to get around that, you should replace Time with a Scalar parameter for now so you can set it it to 0 so the wave will be at position 0. Then you will need to figure out how to repeat time using Floating Modulus (the % operation) to have it repeat over an interval. You’d need to handle positioning the wave and its repeat domain manually.

I am kind of questioning if this is what you really want since you could also just have all the waves present and then use a final spheremask to multiply down the heights, but as others have pointed out its hard to tell what solution is best without more information.

I believe my solution is somewhere in this post, I don’t actually know the math behind the gerstner wave, but to my understanding, you’re saying to dampen the sides down until they’re invisible? And that way, the wave doesn’t extend across the entire mesh?