Is Using a Mesh for Large Levels a Good Idea? LOD at distance, World Composition

Let’s pretend I have a 5km x 5km hilly level which is made of one mesh (not a landscape.) Will the details in the distance be lowered automatically like a landscape, or is this method significantly more expensive than using a landscape?

If this isn’t a stupid idea, is there then a way to convert sections of the mesh to implement level streaming/world composition? As it would be a mesh, there’s not an immediately obvious way to set “grids” up to stream in and out.

I want to know if it’s feasible for me to make a large world entirely in Blender and then use texture painting/materials on the mesh, instead of using the landscape method. For example, if I wanted to use a lot of caves I could just model them in Blender instead of using the usual workarounds of UE4.

  1. Just one big mesh will definitely expensive as it will always be rendered no matter what. Landscape can be thought of mesh with lots of submeshes that has autolod, can be hidden individually. So you can now easily deduce which is more expensive.
  2. Probably the reason why you are going for mesh is because you want to create a cave - there are ways around it. Go for landscape!