Is Unreal Engine 4 apt for an absolute newcomer to Game Design


I’m currently in my final year of Computer Engineering and hence have a pretty strong handle on C++ and a bit of java. I intend on pursuing a Master in Game Development later on, although before that I plan on trying a bit of designing small games myself. I stumbled upon Unreal, and was quite intrigued by it’s capabilities. What I want to know is, will Unreal be suitable game engine to start with, with no prior experience in game design whatsoever, beside c++ knowledge?
Will the provided tutorials be informative enough?

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UE4 is suitable for a beginner. The video tutorials are great and will get you started. I started in gamedev with less programming experience than you and I did okay, so consider your C++ background as a head start :P.

Good luck.

In my opinion it’s the perfect engine to start with game development, because of the

-the community (when you have problems you can post it into the forum/answerhub and then you get a really fast answer)
-blueprints (you dont need any C++ skills)
-the UI

Of course when you start it will be a little bit overwhelming, but after 2-3 weeks it shoud run pretty well (I started as a complete beginner with the UE3 -> after 2 weeks everything ran perfectly).

Useful links:

When you have problems with something, make sure to post a question into the forum so that we can help you :slight_smile: