Is UE4 good for Interactive product visualisation/simulation/medical?

I’m an animator, I’ve always been interested in real time interactive 3D. The idea is to transfer my skills into
UE. Though UE4 is brand as game engine. I wonder if I go UE4 root will it serve my objective. Will be interested
to see what others use the engine for beside games.

Thank you

It is not good, it is perfect. I’m not a game developer but i used UDK and have been using UE4 for interactive visualization. Interactive part is easily doable with Blueprints and visually you can compete with offline renderers if you know what you are doing.

Unreal Engine 4 is GREAT for the whole Simulation/serious market. I was able to move VR Art museum project over to Unreal Engine 4 from UDK in under 2.5 weeks (well the whole museum was back up in 1 week, the 2nd week was just Bug busting) after GDC.

A rendering engine is a rendering engine but it just so happens UE4 has a real time interactive sub system.

Give it a year or two I bet there will be more than a few applications using UE4 that are not game related.

I was using the UDK already for various Visualization stuff and I will it also with the UE4, in my opinion it is perfect.
The only thing Im missing for now is a handy HUD/User interaction(interface) tutorial series - Mainly to make some stuff look like more serious :slight_smile:

Great to hear from all of you guys comments. As -Jur4nd- mentioned HUD/User interaction(interface) was very key for this type of graphics. I’ve spend a good week researching the best way of approaching that. There is a talk about coherent UI, slate, UMG. Coherent sound fairly good option. Unfortunately the link they
sent me for download seems to be broken still waiting for them for a fix. UE4 is such a step up from UDK by far and really enjoying it.

Hi Froffs,

I’m sorry to hear you had troubles with downloading Coherent UI. Can you try again from our download page:

I hope this helps, if not - please let me know.


Has anyone done anything with UE4 yet in terms of the original post? I subscribed to UE4 the other night, in hope to make interactive/product viz for various industries, but there seems to be a little lacking information with regards to this kind of work. I have literally only spent a couple of hours with it, but love the results so far in terms of look and feel. But I have no idea how to create a camera focussing on an object, anyone any ideas where to find this information?