Is UE 4.26 Water System finally usable for production?

I tried 4.26’s Water System back when 4.26 was released and at that time it seems quite broken. I’ve been thinking of giving it another go so is it any better than when 4.26 released? Can I use it to build a game to push to production? Or do I still stick with third party water assets like Unified Interactive Water System?

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I managed to build an island with the water system using all the features (landmass, ocean, lake, river, island and so on) including water simulation.
Many things weren’t right like foam or decals.
I ended up removing most of what I set up because my game uses world composition and I have many islands and ladscapes.

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Yes I heard it didn’t work with world composition at that time. Is it still incompatible?

Last I tested yes: I had to reset the whole thing. Now I have a hybrid situation with one ocean not affecting landscape, no islands, no lakes, no rivers.

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Sad. It’s a good thing I figured out the broken World Comp compatibility right when 4.26 released. Dumped the system real fast.