Is this working this way, please?

So i have a gas can wich looks amazing… but has 18k triangles lol…

The thing is, i can make a low poly one. Or i can just set LOD1 to something like 10% percent triangles, wich is around 1800 and still it looks cool.
Is this valid?
I mean… can i do this for all the meshes? As far as the player is not near the object, it does compute much more less triangles…

Then, i think… well, then why is people doing low poly meshes? It must be because something…

Could anyone explain it to me, please? :smiley:

Thank you!!

Geometry is pretty cheap with game engines and hardware, but there’s still a point where you will need to optimize and create LODs.

GPUs renders an image in a grid of 2x2 pixel squares.
If there’s multiple triangles in a square, it has to render it multiple times.
This means lots of small triangles can be very expensive and cause performance issues. This also applies to very thin and long tris.
UE4 has a view called quad overdraw that helps visualize where this is an issue.

LODs and culling is the main solution to this problem, where a more complex model with be swapped out with a less complex one. There’s a lot of info on the wiki on how to set it up and use it. Typically LODs are about 50% the tris of the previous model. So a 16k model will be LOD0, 8k LOD1, 4kLOD2, etc. Sometimes depending on the asset or game, you’ll have a bunch of LODs, other times you might just have 2. It just depends how important the asset is and how detailed it is.

Ok thats great info, thank you a lot.

What is happenning to me is that i have a game where the player will have to inspect really close some objects (to find cues and such).
So i want them to be very detailed models, from a near distance.

The thing is i have to place a lot of inspectable objects, they are all above 15k-20k. So as far as i know, i would not need to make new LODs in my modelling program? as Unreal already can make them for me with the “percent triangles” thing?

And then, its not a problem if i have those tons ob 15k+ objects in the scene, if i set up LODs for them?

i dont know if im explaining well myself lol

EDIT: in my scene, with “Quad overdraw” activated, all is blue color… and some green. Is it ok?