Is this Twinmotion?


I am a professor at Remington College and we are introducing Twin Motion to our CAD program.

I was wondering if Twin Motion can create these VR effects in this video created by Thomason360


Hate to assume too much but he appears to be working off of my plugins example template from the bottle and the movement mechanics.
That being said, nothing in that video really requires any outside of normal engine tools to achieve.

I don’t believe that twin motion supports any of this out of the box? Fairly sure its a custom project.

You can do basic interactions in VR with Twinmotion, such as apply materials, change season and weather, do sun study, as shown inthis video.
Twinmotion is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE and Windows mixed reality VR headsets. You only need to connect your headset and turn on the VR mode to have these options activated.
It’s not yet possible to move objects or turn on lights though. :.