Is this texture going to be difficult to use?

I’ve developed a landscape that takes about 10 minutes to get from one side to the other, it uses 3 textures and has about 100 mobile speed trees in there.

One of the textures which has been used is the “T_GDC_RockFace003_D_R” from the kite demo its details read as “Imported: 8192x8192, Displayed: 4096x4096, Max In Game: 4096x4096”, am I going to have trouble trying to get this to run on a low spec laptop (i3, 4Gb RAM, Intel HD 4200 graphics card) as an end machine once packaged for shipping?

Are there any workarounds I can use to get it to run with smooth motion of around 30/35fps?

I’d really appreciate some help!


I think your laptop overall is a little under powered for unreal, unless you’re going to be building really small scenes but 10 mins from one side to another doesn’t seem that small. What graphic settings are you running the editor on i’m assuming low? If not you could lower the settings and see if that helps, you really do need an actual graphics card for unreal though more ram and a better processor would help a ton too.

Cheers for that LA, I’ve actually built it on a pretty powerful desktop machine I’m just trying to deploy it on a poorly specd work laptop, but it needs to be done when we get back for work!

Settings are:
View distance: far
AA: epic
PP: epic
Shadows: low
Textures: epic
Effects: low
Foliage: low

It’s running at 1024x768 (I think) on a 14 inch screen.

This is as far as it’ll go without looking too poor.