Is this real?

I finally managed after a lot of issues to install bootcamp on my macbookpro and everything works great however after installing ue4 4.19.1 on the partition it reads that I have just 1GB of free disk space. Before installation I had 29.7GB free available space? Is this a bug or something else that I don’t know of???

Nope, totally normal. The engine is simply big as hell. My 4.19 installation is even 34gb due to debug symbols and stuff.

So I guess its unusable and I will have to repartition - ahhh what a pain…?! When it downloaded it said 7GB!..I wish I had known…

Yeah its 7gb download size but it will unpack after that. You can see the actual unpacked size + download size in the installation options window if you wait till it finished calculating:

this may not be a good idea, but i always delete the /engine/DerivedDataCache, /engine/Source and /engine/intermediate folders from launcher versions. this saves around 6-9Gb per engine install. i haven’t had any problems doing this. DDC and intermediate get rebuilt, but it trims some of the fat away.

Alternatively you can do a symbolic link to the folders ixicalibur mentioned!