Is this possible?

Hey. First off, I did not know where to post this, so I just put it in the Content Creation section. Please correct me if I put this in the wrong place. Second, I am NOT planning to actually create this, nor am I asking how it would be done. I’m simply asking if it’s even possible, just because I’m curious.

Would it be possible to create a game where you can completely control your character with specific keys on the keyboard? Like, for example:

  • Pressing 1 - Bend first finger on left hand
  • Pressing 2 - Bend second finger on left hand
  • Pressing 3 - Bend third finger on left hand
  • Pressing 4 - Bend fourth finger on left hand
  • Pressing 5 - Bend thumb on left hand

And pressing 6-0 does the same for the right hand. This, along with other keys, could be used to move your character in any way you want to do virtually anything. Specific keys could be used to bend specific bones, to move specific body parts, etc. In addition to this, would it be possible to use the buttons to move your hand near a small object, and use the finger buttons to clutch your hand around the object and pick it up, then bend them back with the buttons to let go of the object? Would it be possible to also have better collision, where you could step on grass and it bends depending on how you step on it, or grab a branch on a tree and move it around, or hit leaves on the tree and knock them off? Once again, this is all just out of curiosity. I’m just wondering if it is at all possible, even though I’m never attempting to do it. Please let me know if I didn’t explain this well and it doesn’t make sense. Thanks!

Well, I’m not sure that UE4’s physics would behave well with a hand that small grabbing a branch, but it is definitely possible.

Awesome, thanks for informing me.

You can trigger a bone animation via a button, when you press ‘w’ for instance in 3rd person, the character’s body(legs and arms mostly) start playing an animation and the character moves around. The issue is knowing how much you want to blend an animation, moving a finger is easy but moving it just enough to perfectly touch an object is tougher and you would have to be doing tracing from a particular bone/socket to the item since I don’t think this is achievable via physics.
For grass there’s