Is this possible with UMG?

Is it possible to make a HUD like this with UMG?


Yes, that’s a very simple UI

Very simple indeed. I’ll write a tutorial about it when I get a spare moment.

That’s an incredibly difficult UI to make, or an incredibly easy UI to make…depending on how much of that UI you want to duplicate.

  1. The slanted numbers not a problem, but they’re likely using a bitmap font set to color them. UMG doesn’t support bitmap fonts, true type only. Which are great, but they don’t support that kind of thing. We plan to probably have material support for them later, which would allow an effect on top of them.

  2. The number fonts overlap each other, the kerning between those numbers isn’t possible to customize in UMG. You’d need to have that configured in the font set you import.

  3. The POWER text, I’m going to assume would need to be an image. Localizing it would be up to you to load the right image. Otherwise it would probably be difficult to localize, and choose colors, and apply a nice render transform on each letter, if it were actually text.

  4. The Power ring is easy-ish, You could do it with a series of stacked brushes in an overlay, for each slice, or do it in a material. Material would be better.

Thanks for all the tips :slight_smile: Yes, what Im worried about is how I can animate the power icon and how I can set up the power-system in a blueprint. It would be amazing to have the HUD too, in my Super Mario 64 clone.

Power system youre golden, slingin chicken and liquor, you could set up a dynamic material instance and animate it right fassst, unless theres a fancy new UMG animation workfkow I havent explored yet