Is this official?

The only thing holding me back from UE4 is the fact that there is no C# support. Now I see this… I’ve done some google-ing but there was little I could find. Is this currently integrated into the engine or is this some third-party thing? I’m currently using Unity but if this turns out to be an actual thing, I’m all in UE.

It is not official no. This was created by Xamarin as a plugin of sorts, but Epic did not have anything to do with it, so it is totally third party. I have not heard any feedback on it yet, but it is interesting.

But I would say there are better reasons to try UE4 than just this :wink:

I’m lurking around the website checking out layouts and editor things, it does look a bit more complicated than Unity. I really want to switch to UE4 but the main stopper for me is the language. I have no illusions that Uinty can hold its own against it in terms of overall power, but for simple things it seems that it wins out. For starters I can make a simple game with roughly 100-150 lines of code, and that code ties in very nicely with the engine. (for example if I want to address the Transform, I just type transform and it gets the component for me) From what I’ve seen so far, this isn’t the case here. I’m all up for learning UE4 and even the blueprints(though from what I’ve read their usefulness is not very well defined. Some say they are awesome others say they are too basic), but I’m not about to start C++.

Anyway, I will eventually switch to UE4, even though I think I’ll stick with Unity for smaller, simpler games. Pity about the fact that this isn’t official, kinda got me excited.

Do you know if this will be considered in the future? I really wanna hop in UE4.

I dont have the answer for your question but I suggest checking out those three videos to see what a non-programmer can achieve with Blueprints:
And also the Community Content and WIP sections of the forum to see what the community is doing with them, to help you decide for yourself.

Blueprints are actually really powerful, I also come from a C# background and I can say blueprints are very similar to the way C# scripting works, but in a node-based visual manner. It depends whether you prefer the text based approach, but when it comes to gameplay scripting, you can do almost anything with blueprints. They are slightly slower than raw code, but only by roughly the same speed difference between C++ & C# code, it is not much and some might argue for gameplay programming it doesn’t really make a difference. Tick code would be faster in C++, but the rest is negligible.

Also the C++ used in UE4 is much more friendly compared to the core language through heavy use of wrapper functions etc, it’s still more complex than C# but it isn’t as difficult to learn (pointers for example, much simpler in the engine code).

Don’t let the graphical nature of blueprints fool you though, they can be used to create your entire game, and there are coder’s willing to create new bp nodes for you when you need a specific function exposed, Rama is a good example of this, he’s created 75+ new functions. I think blueprints are awesome, even if only for rapid prototyping then moving over to code, and in a future release moving them to code should be as easy as one click, can’t wait! :wink:

Whats the big deal ? I am a C# .net developer , and didn’t know a thing about C++. But just for the sake of UE4 , I sat one weekened , learned C++ and implemented some modules for my game , taking help of wiki , youtube video tutorial series , and some Posts for creating slate menu. And this is the result of me knowledge in two days :smiley:

I don’t know about your background but I’m pretty sure mine is way inferior when it comes to code. I’ve only been doing C# for a year (Unity library, never used .net for more than Console.WriteLine()), and just recently started getting comfortable using it in Unity. The transition to C++ in my case wouldn’t be as quick as yours most likely (granted I haven’t really checked out C++, I just realized I can’t understand 50% of what was written and figured it wasn’t worth it). Still, if Blueprints are basically visualized C#, I have no problem with that, I might actually jump on the train if that’s the case. Obviously I’d have to dig around a bit on the subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I know C++ is a good language but in my head it’s like a knife in a kitchen. Yes it’s very versatile, yes I can mince my meat very finely and just the size that I want with just the right shapes, but I’d much rather just have the meat proportions down and put them through a meat grinder (following the same analogy, that would be C#) to get the same result.

Thanks for the responses anyway, I’ll check Blueprints more in-depth. I suppose I’ll just have to hope C# eventually makes it’s way to UE4.

Just a quick note if you are wanting to try it out, you can pay $20 once and download the latest version of UE4 and then cancel your subscription which will go for 30 days. You will not lose any functionality, and will still be allowed to release a game. The only thing you lose is access to the newest versions as they become available, but you can keep using the version(s) you downloaded forever. It is a really flexible payment system so if you are not sure but want to try it out it is not expensive to do so.

Personally I don’t mind paying $20 per month for this, it is a good deal on its own, but it is nice to know if I can’t for some reason I don’t lose anything. :slight_smile: