Is this game idea possible with blueprint?

I want to make a game where simple rooms (floor, ceiling, four walls, maybe a few other things) are procedurally generated as you walk from one area to the next. I also wanted to have a feature where walls and other objects can be deleted when the main character is not looking at them (I would be using a First Person camera). I have been impressed by the blueprint tutorials on YouTube (the procedural generation one among them), but I was curious if anyone had more specific advice regarding more complex procedural generation.

Also, I don’t know how to make a sort of “main loop” in blueprint that checks what the player can see and identifies all the other blueprints (walls) that the player can see. I was also interested in the walls being able to have complex behavior like moving, so they wouldn’t be just meshes, they would themselves be blueprints.

The main reason I ask this question is because, coming from Unity, there seems to be a good amount of stuff here not available to the blueprints. For example, in the First Person demo, I can’t figure out where to modify the Player (or PlayerController) so that the artificial arms don’t show up. It’s not in the Player blueprint. So how much of this stuff is hidden? I should be able to tell that mesh to not show up without deleting it in my content browser but I don’t see how it’s available in the blueprints.

Also, I know that UE4 likes to rebuild lighting whenever I manually place walls/stairs/etc. So it seems like procedurally creating rooms like is not going to be something that UE4 “wants” to do, if you know what I mean, like it isn’t meant to do this kind of thing. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much for your help.

  1. You can do pretty much everything you just wrote with blueprint.
  2. Main loop can be achieved by putting an event node called “Tick” in your blueprint. That is the equivalent to the Update() function in Unity.
  3. To hide the arms, just simply go to the player Blueprint, select the arms mesh and check “HiddenInGame” or something along those lines.
  4. Lighting only needs to be rebuilt if you use lightmass, for precedually generated content you would like to disable that feature and enable the LightPropagationVolume instead(check the wiki for that).

Sounds like level streaming, lighting, and post-process (blur) functions to me. You can also use matinee as a tool for this as well.

I’m definitely no expert but I’m somewhat sure that this would be completely possible.

I’d think you would do this in the character blueprint so you could most easily access the inputs, functions, events etc. that you’d need. Blueprint interfaces could be used to talk to the wall etc. Blueprints? I could be wrong.

The bit you want to change is in the character controller, you go into Components, the mesh, rendering and untick visible or delete it from the components (which wont delete it from the content browser)

It should work fine, I’m not an expert on UE4 but it’s not going to die without you rebuilding it, it should be fine :slight_smile:

would personally love to see a tutorial on procedural generation as discussed above, literally came to ue4 off of a youtube video showing a building being procedurally changed in pre release build of the engine according to the author using nothing but blueprints. also had trees, benches, traffic lights being added automatically at runtime, to me this is like really cool black magic,lol. so far just getting the hang of simple stuff and doing every tutorial we can dig up plus playing on our own.

I know what hes mean//i need just the same:
I just starting te learn.
May i just ask: CAN I MAKE THE “TOOL”(or helper) WITH BLUEPRINT to build PROCEDURAL BUILDINGS WITH SOME Procedural materials?or i need write some sort of plagin?
i know c++ but not perfect.and may by i can speed up thinks with BP only?
i need somethink like this:i drag object to the sceane then i can in put parametr in some input feild:3 window,2 doors,material brick size(tiles)…?

the answer on this is…:444.jpg and i find the solution in ."BP advenced"level in content examples…