Is this a good trick I use? (static lighting reflections trick)

I’m making a sci-fi environment for VR, and I need to use only static lighting.
Problem is, after baking lights and placing reflection spheres, everything is still super dark.
Seems that Metallic objects dont show up in reflection captures, so there is nearly no Global Illumination.

What I do now is, before updating the reflection captures, I change the Metallic base value of all my materials in the scene to 0, so they become non-metallic.
Then I update the reflection captures, so the whole enviroment appears in the cubemap.
After that I enable metallic on all my materials again.

Is this a good trick to use, or am I missing something that would prevent me having to do this?

If it looks fine and the engine doesn’t stop you from doing it, then I say go for it.

Can you posts images? Is everything metallic? Should everything be metallic (painted and rusted metal should not be metallic for example).