Is this a bug? Epic VR Template teleporting and substantial framerate drop

Hi All,

If you use the epic vr template motioncontroller map (4.15) and start to teleport but ‘hold it’ and bring it close to you so the arc goes very high but location is close to you are any of you getting substantial frame rate drops? Once you let the player teleport it shoots back up to 90fps. ‘hold’ the teleport and it drops way back down. Is this intentional, or could some tell me why this happens? This was with a Vive.

Thanks for any responses as I was trying to troubleshoot my game and as to why I was getting drops

edit: just tried this on my rift and this is happening on it too

Kind folk on Unreal discord helped. Seems this fps drop is down to the creation and destruction of spline meshes on the tick in BP_Motioncontroller