Is there some way to debug Standalone games using Blueprints?

Hi, I’m experiencing strange issues like invisible pawns. missing enumeration text & missing texts in 3D Widgets when I’m running my game in standalone. It’s the same when I try packaged version as well. I’m working on a pure blueprint project and I don’t have these problems when I run in the editor. So I’m unable to find where exactly the fault is at. Is there any way to debug the standalone game using blueprints?

Alright, I found out that the missing text was a direct result of enums failing to give their correct literal value and instead giving things like ‘enumerator0’. I’m converting the enum to string, so things don’t check out and that leads to the whole confusion. I know that this is a known bug and I haven’t tested 4.8 yet. So anyone knows if it’s been fixed for 4.8? Or any workaround to get the literal value of an enum in 4.7?

I kind of figured out why the enemy characters weren’t visible. I tried spawning the parent enemy character instead of the child and it was visible in standalone. So just to make sure that it is not an issue with my already existing child enemy characters, I created a new child with no new changes. Tried in standalone and the new child is invisible as well. I’m not sure but this might be some kind of bug.

If you hit the ~ key twice during runtime it will bring up the console which will show you all the print strings. Then you can at least narrow it down to the offending function.

Thanks Zeustiak, I’ve been using that to figure out the issues as well. Helped solve most of the issues. The invisible character is most probably a bug. Someone had reported it in last December in packaged projects, but I don’t think it’s been fixed yet. I’ll try out the same characters in a new project.